Maze Solving
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November 2020


Maze solving robot competition applies to elementary school students (Junior) and SMP and SMA (Senior). Robots are used may be homemade robot, or robot assembly / robot kit. The competition consists of two sessions with different difficulty levels for its class category. The competition aims to train participants mindset in order to complete the track that has been provided with a specific algorithm so as to reach the finish with the fastest time. The trails have a base color white with a black track width +2 cm.


Terms and Conditions

  1. Participants maze solving robotic competition JUNIOR is SD
  2. Participants maze solving SENIOR is SMP and SMA
  3. A team consists of (up to) 2



  1. Each team is only allowed to take 1 piece robot, must carry a spare set of sensors.
  2. The maximum dimension of the robot is 30x30x30cm with a maximum weight of 3 kg
  3. The maximum voltage on the robot 12 V.
  4. The number of batteries used in robots amounted to a maximum of 8 pieces or 1 set on the robot. Battery backup is the maximum sum to one set of batteries used robot.
  5. For the junior and senior categories, robot brought in a state already assembled.
  6. A robot must be able to run automatically (without remote control / programmable)
  7. The robot must use a wheel.
  8. The number of sensors used in robots is not specified.


*More Detail Please Download Module





Race Rule

  1. The system is time beat race
  2. The fastest time is the winner
  3. Point to be taken is half of the total number of points in one track.
  4. The time given to each team to complete the maze is 3 minutes (180 s)
  5. During the programming session coaches are not allowed into the area of ​​the game and communicate with participants
  6. At the time of the race, there can be no communication between the teams, both teams from the same school or from different schools
  7. During the race progressed Bluetooth, wi-fi on a laptop and mobile phone just turned off
  8. Participants are given the opportunity to re-try as much as 1 times
  9. At the time of re-try, the calculation time is running
  10. The robot must be running on the track during the race line
  11. When the robot is above the track, the robot can only operate with one push of a button.
  12. At the time of walking robot, contestants are not allowed to touch the robots without permission from the referee. If a competitor touches the robot without permission from the referee, then the team will be penalized in the form of additional time records
  13. Robots have reached the finish had to stop for 3 seconds on the finish line, a robot that does not stop would be considered not finish
  14. If at the time the match allotted time has expired, the participant must stop the robot after a signal from the jury and will be considered not finish
  15. At the time of judging, participants are prohibited reprogram the robot and the laptop is in a closed state
  16. The jury’s decision will be final.
Maze Solving