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November 2020

International Islamic School Robot Olympiad OnStage (formerly Dance) invites teams to develop a creative stage performance using autonomous robots that they have designed, built and programmed. The objective is to create a robotic performance of 1 to 2 minutes that uses technology to engage an audience. The challenge is intended to be open-ended. This includes a whole range of possible performances, for example dance, storytelling, theatre or an art installation. The performance may involve music but this is optional. Teams are encouraged to be as creative, innovative and entertaining, in both the design of the robots and in the design of the overall performance.

These are the official rules for International Islamic School Robot Olympiad OnStage event 2016. These rules have priority over any translations. The rules, score sheets, and all forms of documentation can be downloaded from the official International Islamic School Robot Olympiad website (http://iisro2017.org/). Teams are encouraged to study these in detail. All teams must comply with the rules for competing in International Islamic School Robot Olympiad 2016, including the age categories and team sizes stated.

Changes from International Islamic School Robot Olympiad Dance 2015 rules
Changes from previous Dance rules are highlighted in red. The rules have changed significantly for 2016 so all teams should make sure they study the new rules. The rules have been changed to deepen and broaden the educational benefits of competing in International Islamic School Robot Olympiad.

Specifically, please pay attention to the following:

  • Performances that are innovative and creative in their use of technologies are desired for the
  • competition where the emphasis is on the robotic performance
  • Open technical demonstration (see Section 3), which is a new addition to team’s tasks.
  • A maximum of two human performers are allowed on the stage at any one time
  • New score sheets have been produced and are available at International Islamic School Robot Olympiad.org)
  • Performances which use line following are discouraged and are not allowed for secondary teams.
  • All team members are encouraged to have a technical role in the team
  • Props and/or scenery are no longer rewarded. The focus of the performance should be on the robots!
  • Secondary teams are allowed to use up to 8 coloured markers (4 orange and 4 green, see Appendix for more information) on the stage to aid navigation if they wish.


Teams are judged in three areas; OnStage performance, Open technical demonstration, and technical interview.

OnStage performance: 1-2 minute stage performance in which a performance routine is judged
according to creative, innovative and entertainment criteria. Teams must show originality, creativity and innovation throughout their performance routine. It is expected that all participating teams perform their performance at their best. See the Performance Score Sheet.

Open technical demonstration: 5 minute stage demonstration to showcase the capabilities of their robots. Teams should demonstrate and describe the capabilities of their robots such as interaction with humans or with each other, using colored markers for navigation, or a particular mechanism, sensor system or algorithm that has been developed. Teams need to present a technical description of how the capabilities have been developed, the challenges overcome and the technologies involved. This is assessed on the demonstrations, description of robot(s) capabilities, and the quality of the presentation. See the Open Technical Demonstration Score Sheet.

Technical interview: 15 minute face-to-face interview between the team and the judges in which all robots and programming are judged against technical criteria. Creative and innovative technical aspects are rewarded with higher scores. Judges are interested in determining students’ understanding of the robotic technologies they have used. Teams must show authenticity and originality with regard to their robots and performance in this interview.
Each team members must be prepared to answer questions about the technical aspects of their involvement in the robot design. See the Technical Interview Score Sheet. At the international International Islamic School Robot Olympiad OnStage competition, teams will also take part in a SuperTeam Performance.

  • SuperTeam Technical challenge: a robotic performance created by a group of cooperating teams. SuperTeams comprise of two or more participating teams. The SuperTeams are given a short period of time for collaboration at the competition venue. During this time, each SuperTeam must create a new performance that incorporates the work of each participating team. SuperTeams are encouraged to create an exciting and entertaining robotic performance, expressing their friendship and cooperation and demonstrating what they have learnt from each other.

The SuperTeam Challenge is a special program for the international event and is not obligatory for regional events. The rules of the SuperTeam challenge are provided in a separate document, teams who participate in the international event are strongly encouraged to carefully read the SuperTeam 2016 rules in advance of the international finals.


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